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Coco – Team Mascot

I am Coco Woodcock and I am a very blessed dog. I was one of many animals that were abandoned during the housing crisis many years ago. I know at that time, my parents were not looking to have any pets, but by God’s amazing grace I came into their lives. They rescued me when I was six weeks old and I have become an important member of this family. I bring tremendous joy to them as well as to my extended office family. I am so fortunate to go to the office every day where I also get lots of tummy rubs, loving and numerous treats. I exercise every day and I walk a mile in the park almost every evening. I travel well and love to ride in the car as well as going on long road trips. On special occasions, I even get to ride in the golf cart! I am told how beautiful I am and I get positive affirmations every day. I am filled with gratitude and thanksgiving that God had the perfect plan for my life.